About us


Specter Clan is a lifestyle brand with a primary focus on esports and entertainment. We create and release luxury streetwear collections multiple times each year. We strive to develop superior entertainment and services for our fans while competing on a professional level in any game title we choose to participate in.


We want to develop a world-class lifestyle brand allowing us to create bridges between different cultures. We want to be able to use our brand influence to give back to people and causes in need of exposure and monetary support. Specter Clan should be a place for our fans to get entertained, but most importantly, a place for anyone to feel included and accepted.

Our Values

Fan Commitment
We are committed to delivering the best entertainment for our fans. We want to ensure our fans feel included and want them to be able to zone out from their daily lives.

Savoir-faire is one of Specter Clans core values. It is what gives us the confidence and ability to act right in any social situation. Ranging from our commitment to ensuring sustainability across our supply chains to our support and commitment to events like the Black Lives Matter movement. We want to help the world become a better place for everyone, and want to be a part of the solution. 

Player & Employee Development
We believe the best we can offer our players and employees is development on a personal and professional level. Meaningfulness goes a long way, and we believe that everyone on the team should feel included, and feel they are making changes to the world, the team, and themselves.

Specter Clan wants to be an industry leader setting the standards for other organizations. We want to push our values to our fans and audiences to help create a more inclusive and accepting future for current and future generations.

Being a team player is a must for any employee or player. We are a family working in synergy with each other on work tasks, and collaborations. We are at any time willing to go above and beyond for an employee or player to help them in any way. 

International Dreams

We have roots in Denmark, and currently operate in all of Europe. By the end of 2020 we expect to have teams established in the US ensuring international brand exposure.